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Disney Theme Parks Timeline

Disney Parks Celebrates 50th Anniversary
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 The Happiest Memories on Earth Timeline

1955 - 1965

·                     July 17, 1955 - Disneyland park welcomes its first Guests, including celebrities such as Ronald    Reagan and Art Linkletter. The park opens with five lands: Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Frontierland, Adventureland and Main Street, U.S.A. Some of the attractions to debut this year include Jungle Cruise, Casey Jr. Circus Train and Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

·                     1959 - The park welcomes its 15-millionth Guest. Matterhorn Bobsleds opens on June 14 of this year, making it the first thrill attraction to be added to Disneyland.

·                     1962 - Guests enjoy the 10,000th performance of The Golden Horseshoe Revue.

·                     1963 - Enchanted Tiki Room opens.

·                     1965 - The park celebrates its 10th anniversary.


1966 - 1975

·                     December 15, 1966 - The world mourns the death of Walter Elias Disney.

·                     1967 - Pirates of the Caribbean and PeopleMover open.

·                     1969 - Guests in Tomorrowland watch the Apollo 11 moon landing.

·                     May 19, 1971 - Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes opens in Frontierland.

·                     1972 - The seventh "land" - Bear Country - debuts to Disneyland Guests. This new land includes the popular Country Bear Jamboree.

·                     1975 - Disneyland park celebrates its 20th anniversary. The park's first visitors return for a 20th anniversary visit.


1976 - 1985

·                     April 3, 1976 - Disney's America on Parade pageant airs on television, celebrating the nation's bicentennial.

·                     1977 - Space Mountain "launches" in Tomorrowland.

·                     November 18, 1978 - Mickey Mouse celebrates his 50th birthday with a parade and a party at Disneyland park.

·                     1979 - The first baby is born inside Disneyland park.

·                     1980 - The park celebrates its 25th anniversary.

·                     1985 - The 250-millionth Guest is welcomed to Disneyland park.


1986 - 1995

·                     June 27, 1986 - Big Thunder Ranch opens and Guests flock to see its star, Mickey Moo- a cow with a natural Mickey Mouse-shaped mark on her back.

·                     January 9, 1987 - Star Tours, presented by Energizer transports Disneyland Guests to "a galaxy far, far away."

·                     1989 - Splash Mountain opens. With a 52-foot drop, this popular attraction is the longest flume chute in the world at opening.

·                     1990 - The Super Bowl XXIV champions, the San Francisco 49ers, appear in an "I'm going to Disneyland" television commercial.

·                     January 24, 1993 - Mickey's Toontown opens, creating the park's newest land and a permanent home for Mickey Mouse and his pals.

·                     March 3, 1995 - Indiana Jones™ Adventure opens to Guests.


1996 - 2005

·                     1996 - After thousands of performances since its debut in 1972, the Main Street Electrical Parade marks its farewell season. This nighttime Disneyland tradition had entertained approximately 75 million Guests over the years.

·                     February 8, 2001 - Disney's California Adventure™ park opens to Guests. The opening-day ceremonies are attended by celebrities who were at the opening of Disneyland park in 1955, including TV host Art Linkletter.

·                     2004 - The curtain rises on "Snow White - An Enchanting Musical."

·                     July 17, 2005 - Disneyland park celebrates its 50th anniversary! Thousands of Guests visit from near and far to experience this special day. Each Guest receives a birthday cupcake upon entry and has the opportunity to purchase commemorative merchandise, including "I Was There" pins and a limited-edition Disney Dollar by artist Charles Boyer. A special ceremony is held in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, hosted by Michael Eisner, chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company, and Bob Iger, president and CEO-elect of The Walt Disney Company.

Also on this day, Walt Disney's original dedication speech for Disneyland is played throughout the park - a fitting tribute to 50 years of magic and entertainment.

"To all who come to this happy place: welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past... and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America ... with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world."

-Walt Disney

July 17, 1955




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