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Interesting Quotes I’ve Come Across

Quotes From 2014
"I simply cannot understand how any parent could kill themselves.   How in the hell could you possibly do that to your children? I don’t care how well adjusted your kid might be — choosing to kill yourself, rather than to be there for that child, is every shade of awful, traumatic and confusing. I think as soon as you have children, you waive your right to take your own life. No matter what mistakes you make in life, it should be your utmost goal not to traumatize your kids. So, you don’t kill yourself."
     (Henry Rollins, from an opinion letter to the LA Times , 21 August 2014)
“My family has always been private about our time spent together,” she said in a statement. “It was our way of keeping one thing that was ours, with a man we shared with an entire world. But now that’s gone, and I feel stripped bare. My last day with him was his birthday”–July 21, three weeks before his death–“and I will be forever grateful that my brothers and I got to spend that time alone with him, sharing gifts and laughter. He was always warm, even in his darkest moments. While I’ll never, ever understand how he could be loved so deeply and not find it in his heart to stay, there’s minor comfort in knowing our grief and loss, in some small way, is shared with millions.”
     (Zelda Williams, commenting on her father's- Robin William’s- suicide, Time Magazine, 14  
"I always thought of disco as a beautiful woman with no brain."
     (By Mark Mothersbaugh, Esquire magazine, February 2014)
"In the mid-seventies, I saw a Burger King commercial on TV.  they had taken Pachelbel 's "canon", which was a beautiful piece of classical music, and turn it into: 'hold the pickle/hold the lettuce/special orders don't upset us/all we ask is that you let us/serve it you way.'  And I was like, Oh my God!  they know how to change how people think.  They know how to make people do things.  They don't use rebellion.  They use subversion!  I thought, It's so evil, yet it's perfect!"
     (By Mark Mothersbaugh, Esquire magazine, February 2014)
“A book I consider grossly overrated- On the Road (by Jack Kerouc).  I hate that book.  What a stupid book.  What a limp, flaccid, impotent little manifesto of a book.”
     (By Joshua Ferris, author of “Then We Came To An End” and “To Rise Again at a Decent Hour”)
“By now I had learned something about the psychology behind the way a guy asks for chips,” writes Bloom. “Wanting to be overstocked or short-stacked at a table is a clear indication of playing style and ego. Whereas some guys want the tallest piles they can manage, the better to bully the table and scare people, Ben’s buy-in choice told me that he was a smart player who liked to limit his downside, especially at a table with a bunch of guys he wasn’t used to playing with.”
     (By Molly Bloom, Vanity Fair except from her book, July 2014)
Quotes From 2013

"Thank you for this lovely blunt object that I will forever use as a weapon against self-doubt"
     (By Anne Hathaway, after winning Best Supporting Actress at the 2013 GoldenGlobes.)

On Agreeableness: "I get pissed off every time somebody says to me, 'No problem.' I don't care if it's a problem or not! That's your job. Do it! You're not there to evaluate whether or not it's a problem. How 'bout 'As you wish, sir.' "
     (By Alan Arkin, during an Esquire magazine interview, February 2013)

Finn: [to Rachel] You and I both know how this thing ends. I don't know how, or when, and I don't care where you're living or what dope you're shacked up with. You're my girlfriend. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.
     (Glee, Valentine’s Day episode, February 14th, 2013)

Stewie’s Advice For Seth McFarlane When Hosting The Oscars:
1)   “If ‘Ted’ wins for Best Picture, make sure you- ha ha, just kidding!”
2)   “When you first come out, make sure you wear a name tag.  No one over 40 knows who you are.”
3)   “Let Nick Nolte sniff your hand before you try to touch him.”
4)   “Wear a black ribbon in memory of all the other ribbons.”
5)   “Say we need to find a cure for some fake disease and see if anyone claps.”
6)   “Chris Rock, David Letterman, Anne Hathaway, James Franco, and Hugh Jackman are all trained performers.  But I’m sure you’ll do great.”
                                                (From Entertainment Weekly, 22 Feb 2013)

“Yes, I’m disappointed.  I was so sure of myself.  But I know God loves me and I just pray that He will…. punish them.  All of them.”
         (Mandy [Kristen Bell], after not getting picked on Burning Love (a reality dating show parody.)

"Musicians want to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts." - Billy Joel

"A colored is a very frightened-to-death Afro-American.  A Negro is one that makes it in the system, and he wants to be white.  A nigger, he's loud and boisterous, wants to be seen.  Nobody likes a nigger.  A black man has pride.  He wants to build, he wants to make his race mean something.  Wants to have a culture and art forms.  And he's not prejudiced.  I am a black American man.  Now you go ahead and print it."
     (James Brown, 1982, from an article in Rolling Stone)

"I like the idea of me doing my job more than the idea of someone else doing my job"
     (Antonio Banderas, in the movie Haywire, January 2012)

“The new album by Little Boots could serve as a good insurance policy against the new Daft Punk album being a disappointment.” - Chris Richards, Washington Post review of the new album by Little Boots (May 6, 2013), summing up exactly how anticipated the new Daft Punk album is, and it is not likely to live up to expectations.

"'It's wearing on him [Macklemore] in private', the producer Ryan Lewis says.  'In public he tries as hard as he can to care for people and not be an asshole.  Nobody wants to be Kanye, you know?'"
     (Rolling Stone magazine, 29 August 2013)

"Who here actually thinks I would do '50 Shades Of Grey' as a movie?  Like really.  For real.  In real life."
     -Emma Watson, via Twitter, addressing rumors that she might be up for a role in the adaptation of the steamy book.

Edgar Wright: "The movie is essentially [Simon Pegg's character] bringing about his own intervention."
Simon Pegg: "It's not in any way unintentional that there are 12 steps to him having this showdown with a higher power.  Every now and then people will see it and go, 'I really want to go on a pub crawl.'  And I think that's not really what we are getting at.  It's not a love letter to alcohol at all."
     (Entertainment Weekly interview, 30 August 2013)

“There's something scary about stupidity made coherent.”
     (The Real Thing, a play by Tom Stoppard)

From Astonishing X-Men Volume 1 (Written by Joss Whedon):

Beast- “What’s this all about?”, referring to a fight between Wolverine and Cyclops about Jean Grey’s death.
Emma Frost: “What do you think?  Superpowers.  A scintillating wit and the best body money can buy… and I still rate below a corpse.”

Kitty: “Okay, I officially really, really don’t know why I’m here.  I’m not a fighter, not like you guys”
Logan: “You’ve been in it plenty, kid.  I’d take you at my back any day.”
Scott: “But you’re not a fighter.  Your power isn’t aggressive, it’s protective.  That’s good to show.  And people like you.  Hank’s articulate as anything but what people see is mostly, well, a beast.  Emma’s a former villain, Logan’s a thug.”
Logan: “Born and bred.”
Scott: “And me… I can lead a team.  But I haven’t looked anyone in the eyes since I was fifteen.”
Kitty: “So I’m what- a P.R. stunt?”
Emma: “Yes, our own poster child.  Isn’t it sweet?  ‘The non-threatening Shadowcat’.  Or ‘Sprite’, or ‘Ariel’ or whatever incredibly unimpressive name you’re using nowadays.”

Lyrics to the song “With A Girl Like You” [1967] by The Troggs

“I want to spend my life with a girl like you
And do all the things that you want me to
Till that time has come
That we might live as one
Can I dance with you

I tell by the way you dress that you're so refined
And by the way you talk that you're just my kind

Girl why should it be
That you don't notice me
Can I dance with you

Baby baby is there no chance
I can take you for the last dance
All night long yeah I've been waiting
Now there'll be no hesitating

So before this dance has reached the end
To you across the floor my love I'll send
I just hope and pray that I'll find a way to say
Can I dance with you”


Quotes From 2012

“I am in the shallow end of a very dark pool”
           (June, from the TV show Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23)

“I guess I have to go but I’d prefer to stay”
          (Daniel Day Lewis, as Lincoln, in the movie Lincoln)

Rolling Stone: What do you want for Christmas?
Ke$ha: I want an adult baby stroller so my managers can stroll me around to interviews while I drink Slurpees.
Rolling Stone: Really?  Slurpees?  No booze?
Ke$ha: I just love 7-Eleven.  If the world was ending in 20 minutes, I'd walk across the street to 7-Eleven and hang out there with my cat, Mr. Peeps.  7-Eleven makes me really happy.  It's a one-stop shop, it's open all night, and the green and red colors make me feel safe.
     (From a Rolling Stone Interview with musician/performer Ke$ha)

“I gotta join that group (AA).   I used to have a liquor cabinet but now I just have a cabinet.”
     - heard at a poker game.

Quotes from the movie “Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World”:

Penny: Is she the one that got away?
Dodge: Well they all got away but... she was the first.

Penny: I wish we met each other a long time ago. When we were kids.
Dodge: It couldn't have happened any other way. It had to happen now.
Penny: But it isn't enough time--
Dodge: It never would have been.

Penny: I won't steal anything, if you promise not to rape me.
Dodge: Okay.

Penny: I don't know, I just... I love records. I mean, they're not for everyone, you know? You really have to take care of vinyl. It's very delicate, it can get wrecked so easily. You really have to love it. Do you hear how full it sounds? Now, what you want to buy is a thicker record. They're more stable. The grooves in them are sort of deeper and wider. You get more detail. I mean, they're harder to carry around 'cause they're heavier, but they're worth it.

Penny: You're a really nice person.
Dodge: You are an awful judge of character.

Radio Announcer: "The final mission to save mankind has failed...the 70 mile wide asteroid known as 'Matilda' is set to collide with Earth in exactly three weeks time, and we'll be bringing you our countdown to the end of days, along with all your classic rock favorites."


Quotes From 2005 thru 2011

"Going on a year now I ain't had nothin' twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries!”
                               …..Jewell Staite in the movie "Serenity"

"Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bull's-eye."
                              …..Vince Vaughn in the movie "Wedding Crashers"

“The individual who embodies your personal definition of love does not really exist.  The person is real and the feelings are real but you create the context.  They’re often just the person you happen to meet the first time you really, really want to love someone… but for the rest of your life they will control how you feel about everyone else.  If someone asked Quincy to rank the romantic relationships of her life, I think I would place third of fourth.  I might even end up seventh, which is a difficult thing to admit.  But she will always be No. 1 for me, no matter whom I meet, and that has far more to do with me than it does with her.  And now she’s officially gone, just as Lenore is figuratively gone and Diane is potentially gone.  I’m still alive, but I feel myself dying, person by person by person by person.”  
        …..Chuck Klosterman, in the book “Killing Yourself To Live”

And more from the year’s most quotable movie, “Serenity”:

“If there's any fighting, you fall down or run away.  It's okay to leave them to die.”
                             …..Dr. Simon Tam, to River

The Operative: “I want to resolve this like civilized men.  I'm not threatening you. I'm unarmed.”
Capt. Mal Reynolds: “Good.” [Shoots Operative in the chest, grabs Inara and gets ready to leave]
The Operative: [grabs Mal from behind] “I am, however, wearing full body armor. I am not a moron!”

Mal: “I've staked my crew's life on the theory that you're a person, actual and whole, and if I'm wrong you'd best shoot me now... [River cocks the gun she is pointing at Mal] Or, we could talk more.”

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: [Over the ship's intercom]  “This is the captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some slight... turbulence and then explode.”
Jayne Cobb:  “We're gonna explode? I don't wanna explode!”

River Tam:  “Put a bullet to me. Bullet in the brain pan, squish.”

"I'm not Prince or Rivers Cuomo who brags about having hundreds of great songs," Reznor said. "And to that I would say, Prince, if you have a hundred great songs or a thousand, how about picking a few and putting them on a record because your last several have sucked. Same for you, Rivers. I say that constructively, you know. I might be happy and engaged, but I can still be a prick."  
                   -- Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), in July 2009 Spin magazine interview

"Your child may be an honor roll student but your driving sucks."...  Seen on a bumper sticker while driving to work this morning.

Michael Caine
Oscar-Winning supporting role: A compassionate doctor in 1999's The Cider House Rules
Box office for winning film: $57.5 million, Number of roles within five years of Oscar win: 13
Why him: With an earlier supporting win for 1986's Hannah and Her Sisters, the British actor rarely turns down work, including his gig as manservent Alfred in the recent Batman franchise. His philosophy: "First of all, I choose the great roles, and if none of these come, I choose the mediocre ones, and if they don't come, I choose the ones that pay the rent."


Onstage And Off, They Said A Mouthful At The Oscars
(By Susan Wloszczyna, USA Today, March 7th 2010)

Great dialogue isn't just found in Oscar-worthy movies. USA TODAY picks some of the evening's best bons mots.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the show took so long that Avatar now takes place in the past." — Co-host Steve Martin, wrapping it up

"Being a friend is getting the other a cup of coffee. Can you do that for me, Ted? It is Ted, isn’t it?" —Tim Robbins, quoting Shawshank Redemption co-star Morgan Freeman on the last day of shooting

"A fantasticially fantastic Mr. foxy Fox. Or, in the words of my mother's co-workers, 'He's just so dreamy.' " —Vera Farmiga on the wonder who is her Up in the Air co-star, George Clooney

"They just said my name at the Oscars. I'd better enjoy it because it will never happen again." — Filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry while handing out the editing award

"The thought that I'll have a two-legged man in my room tonight is so exciting, I can't stand it." — Honorary Academy Award recipient Lauren Bacall

"That means 'This seemed like a better idea during rehearsal.' " — Makeup award presenter Ben Stiller in blueface and Avatar braids after sputtering his intro in the film's language of Na'vi

"It's a collaboration between handsome gifted people and sickly little mole people." — Incensed actor Robert Downey Jr. about working with writers such as snarky co-presenter Tina Fey
"Meryl Streep holds the record for the most nominations for an actress. Or, as I like to think of it, most losses." — Steve Martin teasing his It's Complicated love interest
"The day started when we went over to Quentin's. He threw a party at his house for us. He had pizza and red-velvet cupcakes and Cristal Champagne and DJs. We came straight here from his house. He said, 'Eat up, guys. The food at the Oscars is terrible.' " —Inglourious Basterds actor Eli Roth on director Tarantino's pre-ceremony treat
Martin: "Oh, look, there's that damn Helen Mirren."  Co-host Alec Baldwin: "Steve, that's Dame Helen Mirren."
Martin (referring to actor Christoph Waltz): "In Inglourious Basterds, he played a Nazi obsessed with finding Jews."  He and Baldwin look out into the Kodak Theatre crowd and spread their arms.  Martin: "Well, Christoph ... the mother lode."
"I even voted for Jeff Bridges." — George Clooney on his fellow best-actor nominee on E!

From The Book “Outwitting Trolls” by William G. Tapply:

“Dogs love you, no doubt about it, but they love food best of all.”

“Then Ken got divorced and moved to Baltimore and shortly after that I got divorced too.  We’d been out of touch ever since but Ken And I used to be pretty good friends, and when he called me saying he was coming up to Massachusetts and would love to meet me for a drink if I could sneak away, just for old times’ sake, I agreed instantly.  Friends, old or new were always worth sneaking away for.”

“We’re going to live happily ever after,” I said.
“Ever after what?”
“After we slay the wicked stepmother,” I said, “and escape from the castle and outwit the trolls at the bridge.”
“All that, huh?”
“Nobody ever said that happily ever after was going to be easy.”
She gave my hand a squeeze, then let it go.  “Well, I don’t see why it has to be so hard,” she said.


Oxymorons Run Amuck

Why does "fat chance" and "slim chance" mean the same thing?

Why do "tug" boats push their barges?

Why do we sing "Take me out to the ball game when we are already there?

Why are a "wise man" and a "wise guy" opposites?

Why is bra singular and panties plural?

How come abbreviated is such a long word?

Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

Why is toilet paper tiny squares and tissues big squares?







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