Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Glove Haiku

After my recent post about poetry and haiku and pictures of gloves (, I couldn’t help myself when a few more pictures caught my eye.  I had to come up with some “fitting” glove haikus for the pictures on my friend’s Facebook page.   Here are the new ones, along with the corresponding pictures.     

Looking for my mate
Slimming black and stripes will help
I'm a good catch though

Man, I have, you know,
A real killer headache.
Hey, what was that noise?


Where did you go, kid?
Ya got no damn work ethic.
I'll do it myself.

Glove Haiku, Part Two
I came across another picture from my glove loving friend and it inspired me to come up with an appropriate “Glove Haiku”.  So, here’s the picture and the haiku.  If she puts up some more, I may add this post.

Why are they staring?
Yeah, I feel out of sorts but....
Oh, my gloves are boots.


A chameleon.
You do not see him at all,
But he wants you to

I'm ready to go in,
Been killing it in practice.
I will own this game.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why America Has Some Problems

While I think America is an amazing country, there are times when I'm embarrassed by my fellow citizens.  Here are some visual reasons that illustrate my ocassional dismay:

People like this guy who forget that function is more important than perceived fashion.

People who don't understand that it is not all about them. Why try to circumvent the team and make it all about you? And then be proud of it?

Not leaving workers alone to work and having to accommodate so many people's directives and opinions that nothing gets done.

Some social network profile picture taking (courtesy of Flavorwire...   ) that shows self-absorbed jackasses who think everything is based on looks, who cares about intelligence and kindness.  Unfortunately, they are sometimes right which is even more depressing.

And then there are those who fine with thinking it is all about looks but don't realize that they aren't very attractive.  I do love her door though, and the walls in the previous picture.