Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Berlin Concert Set List (2011)

Berlin (Opening For INXS)
August 8, 2011 ($50.00- Wolf Trap)

From Album:
Strolls onstage wearing all black- shorts, shirt & black cape with sparkles
Pleasure Victim
No More Words
Love Life
Said they were sleep deprived so it would be either a really bad show
or really fun- either way it will be really loose.
Matter Of Time
Best Of Berlin
Somebody To Love
All The Way In
(Jefferson Airplane cover song)
The Metro
Pleasure Victim
Nunn said of the song "This is about embracing life, whatever that may be"
Break The Chains
(New song)
Went into the crowd here, all the way around the pavilion interior, got a hug too.
Take My Breathe Away
Count Three & Pray
Dancing In Berlin
Love Life
Sex (I'm A…)
Pleasure Victim
Set list of hits was mostly same songs, same order as last year- replaced which new song was being played (Break The Chains for Ordinary Girl).  Not quite as energetic (Hungover?  Pregnant?  Old?) but her voice was still great even though the vocals were buried in the mix for the first few songs.  (Backup vocals were louder than the lead singer's!)

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