Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Favorite Prince Songs

After hearing about Prince dying this week, I ended up thinking about some of my favorite Prince songs and started writing them down as I thought about them.

Let’s Go Crazy- I'm not really a fan of the songs Purple Rain or When Doves Cry from the Purple Rain album but I loved this guitar rave-up.
If I Was Your Girlfriend / Strange Relationship- A totally weird and funky set of songs that segue into each other.  The style is so bizarre that I played part of the Sign O' The Times album over and over.  

Erotic City- A nice stomping dance track that is what Prince really does well
Raspberry Beret- A personal favorite because of the memories from the time period when it was on the radio.

Pop Life- Another bizarre pop cut that is done so brilliantly  that it is perfect.
Take Me With U- A great melody wrapped shot through with a tinge of longing and an enjoyable female vocal.   

Delirious- I think psychedelic Prince is my second favorite Prince, right after guitar god Prince.
U Got The Look- The start of a great set of collaborations with Sheena Easton (along with Sugar Walls, The Lover In Me).

Darling Nikki- The sex-laden funk-leaning Prince that I enjoy but with more overtness then the usual lascivious innuendos.

My Name Is Prince, Sexy MF, Guitar-  Basically, any song where Prince tells us how bad-ass he is.)
I Wanna Be Your Lover- A straight forward pop song that nicely straddles the decline of disco and the re-emergence of traditional pop.

Little Red Corvette- another pop classic.  In the video, I loved seeing Wendy And Lisa grinding on each other and the keyboards.  It was a big turn-on for a teenager.
1999- Pop immortality.

Love Bizarre (Sheila E)- Funky pop, made better with the female vocals. the single edit is better though because the seven minute albums version loses focus halfway through and my attention wanders away from the groove.
Jungle Love (The Time)- As I understand it, Prince wrote most of the songs for The Time but I think the vocal delivery on the songs are what make them so appealing. 

The Bird (The Time)- See above.
Jerk Out (The Time)- A barnstormer of a pop song.  My all-time favorite Time song.  The Time are a great band, and have great producers in Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and they really make this song amazing.

Nasty Girl (Vanity 6)

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