Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sleigh Bells Sucks?

(July 4, 2012)

I can’t stand the group Sleigh Bells even though I should love them.  They play fragmented, splintered, noise-core rock music that includes interludes and snatches of melodic pop sounds.  The reason I’m surprised by this is because Skinny Puppy does the same thing and I love them.  Crystal Castles does it too and I adore them.  In fact, disjointed cacophonic pop-rock hybrids are one of my favorite niches: Daft Punk’s first album, Forest For The Trees only album, The Avalanches, half of the things Beck has done, Ministry, all enjoyable.  Sleigh Bells- makes me want to hit the fast-forward button.  I just finished reading an interview with them in Spin magazine in which they discussed some of their influences.  The main songwriter- Derek Miller (I think that’s his name)- name checks Roxette, Chicago, Cyndi Lauper, and Def Lepperd in addition to some hard-core/metal bands.  Frigging Roxette! 
So why don’t I like their band?  Do they actually suck and I’ve just been brainwashed by reviewers trying to convince me that they are awesome?  I had bought their first album and hated it but after reading glowing reviews about their second album including the article I just finished, I started listening to their second album on Spotify.  It sounds just like their first one and every song sounds almost the same as the previous one.  The schtick got old real fast.  I had to switch over to Best Coast, another over-hyped band but at least one that I can enjoy.  So is it just me or does Sleigh Bells suck?

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