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Russell Brand And Katy Perry End Their 14-Month Marriage

I am shocked to hear this news.  Completely shocked, I'm telling you and I'm not being sarcastic.  14 months ago when these two young kids got married, I was skeptical that it would last.  He is a known womanizer and addict and she is a formerly Christian pop singer (albeit it a really hot one).  I expected them to pull a Kardasahian a couple months later, but no- they kept on going.  He must not have cheated on her or relapsed either or else he did and she forgave him and they kept on being married.  There was no Sinead O'Connor/Britney Spears/Shannon Daherty/Lisa Marie Presley moment where the marriage was annulled shortly afterwards.  That's why this annoucement took me by surprise. 

Now, please don't misunderstand me.  I'm not the least bit surprised they are getting a divorce since I've been expecting it every time she showed up on the news.  There's Katy Perry- she's going to make an announcement.... oh, it's about being booted off Sesame Street.  Here she is again- she's going to say that... oh, it's just to say she'll be on Saturday Night Live.  What  startled me was that it was Russell Brand that asked for a divorce.  I was totally expecting her to get fed up with him cheating on her or doing drugs or something she couldn't forgive him for.  I never thought that he was initiate things.  Was she cramping his style or something?  What gives?

Russell Brand And Katy Perry End Their 14-Month Marriage

(By Associated Press, December 30, 2011)

British actor-comedian Russell Brand is divorcing “California Gurls” songstress Katy Perry after 14 months of what had appeared to be one of Hollywood’s happier marriages.  “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage,” Brand said in a statement to The Associated Press on Friday. “I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”  Brand, 36, offered no other details, but in papers filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, he cited irreconcilable differences.

He and the 27-year-old pop singer were married in October 2010 at a resort inside a tiger reserve in India, and their mutual affection had become a rather sweet feature of the celebrity circuit.  The couple announced their engagement in January 2010 after meeting at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, where Brand hosted and she performed.  The comedian, who once struggled with substance abuse and sex addiction, was effusive about his bride while promoting projects earlier this year, saying marrying Perry has “given me much more strength in what I do.”  “For a long while, what I do professionally was all that mattered to me really,” he said in March. “Now I think, well, whatever I do, I’ll just go back to her, and that’s incredibly comforting.”

Perry praised her husband backstage at the 2011 VMAs in August, where she won three awards and he offered a tribute to Amy Winehouse.  “I’m proud of him, whatever comes out of his mouth, and sometimes it’s very colorful, right?” Perry said of Brand. “That’s why I married him, because he’s smart and I learn a lot.”  Attorneys for Perry, whose name is listed as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson in the divorce papers, did not respond Friday to calls seeking comment.

The Internet had been abuzz recently with rumors about possible trouble for the couple after they were seen during the holidays without their wedding rings.  Perry’s run of No. 1 singles earned her the distinction of becoming MTV’s first artist of the year earlier this month. She hosted “Saturday Night Live” on Dec. 10 and gave no indication any marital woes.  Brand’s recent film credits include “Arthur,” ‘’Hop” and “Get Him to the Greek.” He is among the ensemble starring alongside Tom Cruise in “Rock of Ages,” set for release next year.  Both Brand and Perry were absent Friday from Twitter, where they often shared kind words for each other.

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