Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sandra Bullock Movies- Love, Like, Loath

“Actress chosen for me by Val Maas-
My choice of either Francis McDormand or Sandra Bullock”:

This is so not a choice- I have to go with my hometown crush, Sandra Bullock.

Movies of hers I love- Thing Called Love & While You Were Sleeping (When I first developed my celebrity crush and when it was solidified permanently).

Movies of hers I like- Forces Of Nature & Murder By Numbers (When she stretched in the roles she took and displayed her innate talent and charm).

Movies of hers I loath- Speed 2 and In Love & War (Because they suck so bad, despite Sandra’s efforts although honestly, she did suck in In Love And War.)

So, anyone else want to play? “Like” my status and I’ll select someone for you.

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